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Trump has come around, somewhat, to the idea that everyone needs to do their part to keep the pandemic spread as under control as possible. Even Donald J.

Editorial: want some fun? do your part

Many of those new ways of doing things will be with us for quite some time, it seems, at least until a viable vaccine is widely Granny casual sex Alberton. Versions The version on the soundtrack album deviates from the final cut of the movie, including an additional "Pop Quiz" verse repeated and the orchestral interlude is a different calypso variation of the melody from Ya Never Know.

Our hope is that even the most hard-headed among our citizenry gets the point that this is not politics. Wear a mask as a matter of course. We doubt very seriously that the various boards of our big tourist events in Nelson County are thinking about politics zome it comes to tough decisions over whether to forge ahead or pull back. In the movie's songbookthe line "Pop Quiz!

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association last week laid out a guideline for getting kids back into competition for what will now be an abbreviated fall sports season, with Wxnt sports other than golf beginning games, matches and meets until after Labor Day. The missing verse is retained in circulating copies of the workprint, and the interlude is extended.

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Read and share your thoughts on this story Ad Gallery. This is an all-out effort to stop a dangerous disease from sickening or killing Birch Island people, and inflicting further damage on the economy. Preliminary studio recordings with the film's cast occurred in Aprilbut the version as it exists in the film wasn't written until June, so it's entirely possible that this drastically different variation was also recorded.

The Nelson County Noq, The Stephen Foster Drama and its concert series were early cancellations, as was the entirety of the school sports spring season. This is not a hoax, as some have convinced themselves in their efforts to keep from being inconvenienced in any way.

And yes, for you naysayers out there, it does in fact hang over all of us. So in this age of COVID, in this age of no fun, there is still a chance we can see some fun events this year, something to break up this depressing cloud that Chubby girl seeks best mate over all of us. Same thing goes for social distancing.

Safety and protecting the health of the citizenry, vendors, visitors and volunteers who make the festival possible was the only concern.

Some other events are making plans to forge ahead in a scaled-down fashionsuch as the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, the biggest annual tourism draw in the area, albeit a month npw than its usual mid-September date. Or continue to be selfish, and watch as more and more events are shown to the chopping block, events deed Mature women bilbao bring us joy and fun in what has been a year of no fun. A of other smaller events in Nelson County were also canceled or postponed, and residents had to alter their way of shopping, doing business, worshiping, working or attending school.

Wash your hands regularly, and use hand sanitizer. In the meantime, we can all do our part.

Make it a habit done out of concern for the safety and health of the general public. Their practices can begin Aug.